Ocean Wide

Sunday, April 5, 09

Two nights ago Hardin-Simmons hosted an amazing event called AfterDark. We all knew a popular band, The Afters, were going to be there, and a speaker, Joe White, was also being advertised. No one really had any idea what to expect though.
I think it is safe to say that nearly everyone in the auditorium was absolutely floored. Joe White, using a series of powerful videos and a dramatic tactic that blew me away not only got, but KEPT the attention of everyone in the room. At the end of his… performance? presentation? speaking?… he suggested that everyone in the room write down on a notecard a sin that they struggled with, and something they were prepared to give over to God. After, he had each of the cards nailed to a two story high cross he had singlehandedly made on stage… in front of our eyes. I am normally pretty open on my blogs about my life, and every thing going on with me, but I think I’ll keep what I wrote on my card to myself ;-). I will however say, the experience was life changing. For all the cynics out there, you could say it was you typical “God experience.” I won’t argue, other than to say nothing about God is “typical”. God knocked, I finally opened, He changed me. God spoke, everyone listened, people were broken down and built back up, stronger.

It is hard to relay the kind of impact that Joe White made during his time with us, but I will say that there is nothing quite like really giving something over to God. I’ve written about it before, and I won’t hesitate to say it again: God’s forgivesness is never ending, and it absolutely astounds me. I dread any day I feel as if I’m above his grace and mercy, or even question the purity of it. Its so beautiful, and the joy and the peace that come from how deep that forgiveness goes takes my breath away. Or maybe, gives it back.
Either way, amazing… captivating… perfect. I want to challenge you to do the same. Let yourself off the hook, and experiences one of the most amazing gifts Christ has given us… payment.

I’m sorry if I got a little “preachy.” (For the record… I love that term.) I just want everyone to benefit from the things I feel like God is teaching me right now, and the joy that is coming along with it for me.

“I know we made mistakes. I see through all the tears, and that’s what got us here. If love is an ocean wide, we’ll swim in the tears we’ve cried. They’ll see us through to the other side. We’re gonna make it.” — The Afters



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